Have you ever dared to travel inside the human soul and discover its darkest secrets? Have you ever observed the animal within you from the outside? Have you ever dressed up as a grizzly bear just to get a better understanding of yourself? No? Human safari is all this and more. It is an animal observing a man who is pretending to be an animal that is observed by a man, who is in reality pretending to be an animal. Clear?
You won’t have the luxury of choosing your own role in this infinite cycle which will take form not only in your heads, but also in the sounds and music that will bring the stage to life. (in fact, the most incredible thing about this show is that it is performed WITHOUT the use of psychedelic drugs!)

A clown performance on stage that has been written and is performed by Manuel Bruttomesso and Saulo Lucci. An hour’s show, or a number of smaller sketches, performed using a loop station. Music and entertainment make for a captivating evening.