Manuel Bruttomesso is a circus performer and multifaceted artist with a long history of study and 20 years of performing history to boast of. He began his study in 1997 and then graduated from Philip Radice’s “Atelier di Teatro Fisico” (Physical theatre school) in Turin, Italy.

Over the years he has studied under some of the best known names in Europe:

  • - Marcel Marceau (mimo)
  • - Jango Edwards (clown)
  • - Peter Shub (clown)
  • - Johny Melville (clown)

He has appeared in a number of Italian TV shows, including "Attenti a quei due" RAI1 (2012), "Scalo 76" RAI2 (2009) and "Scherzi a parte" Canale 5 (2005). He has also worked on the radio drama "Luoghi non comuni", directed by Gabriele Vacis, on Italian RADIO2.

He has a huge amount of experience in theatre performance, most of which has been accumulated in the following theatres: Teatro della Caduta and Teatro Stabile in Turin Italy as well as the Teatro degli Acerbi in Asti, Italy.


Physical theatre
Mime and clown
Acrobatics and balancing acts
One man show



2014 – “Storia di una lumaca che scoprì l’importanza della lentezza” adapted from the story written by Luis Sepulveda, directed by Fabio Fassio, produced by Teatro degli Acerbi.
2013 – “The magic flute” directed by F. Pagella and M. Betti Merlin, produced by Teatro della Caduta and Masche in Langa.
2013 – “Daunindeol” variety show at the Teatro della Caduta with Saulo Lucci and music by “Quel che resta del cane”.
2012 - “L’ aquila e il serpente” directed by Enrico Pastore with Saulo Lucci, produced by Teatro della Caduta.
Since 2011 – actor as part of guided visits “Fuori dagli schemi” at the “Museo Nazionale del Cinema” (the National Cinema Museum in Turin).

2011 – “Pinocchio” directed by Eleonora Moro, produced by the Teatro Stabile in Turin.
2011 – “Mare Tuttintorno” adapted from “Le sedie” by Ionesco, directed by Saulo Lucci and Manuel Bruttomesso.
2008 – “Rabbit 756” directed by Saulo Lucci and Manuel Bruttomesso.
2005 – Start of the collaboration with the Teatro della Caduta (Turin).
2001 – “Theatre piéce” directed by Enrico Pastore, written by John Cage and produced by “D.A.F. Venezia”.
1999 – “Il settimo marito” directed by Rebecca Zacco, written by Stefano Pozzan and produced by “La fabbrica degli attori”.


2012 – “Attenti a quei due” produced by “Toro produzioni”, shown on Rai 1.
2009 – “Scalo 76” shown on Rai 2.
2007 – “Il bivio” written by Ruggeri, shown on Italia uno.
2005 – “Scherzi a parte” directed by Marco Balestri and shown on Canale 5, practical joke played on Daniela Santanchè.

2004 – “Scherzi a parte” directed by Marco Balestri shown on Canale 5, practical joke played on Nadia Bengala and Sergio Volpini.
2000 – “Trenta ore per la vita” shown on Canale 5.
1999 – “Sereno variabile” shown on Rai 3.


2014 – Co-production of the web series “Era solo un’ illusione” with Carla Carucci, directed by Stefano Giovannini.
2014 – Video as part of the exhibition “Food – dai semi al piatto” curated by Alessandro Bernard.
2013 – Video hologram for Emmegi Experience s.r.l.
2013 – Music video: “Per morire con più stile” written and performed by Matteo Castellano, directed by Eleonora Ballarè and Greta Bighi.
2012 – Web series “Le terribili pazzate del Rinconiglio”.
2012 – “Nespolo 3D” directed by Alessandro Dominici.
2011 – Music video “Mi piace tanto la” by Manuel Bruttomesso, directed by Stefano Giovannini.
2011 – Web series: “Nespolo Geografic” in Turin and Grazzano Visconti, directed by Stefano Giovannini.
2010 – “My Magic Box” directed by Andry Verga.
2010 – Short film “Uomo Capriolo” directed by Piero Masi.
2010 – Short film “Torino 10152” directed by Debora Sanfilippo.
2010 – “Sarà perché non caco” directed by Stefano Giovannini.


2007 – Radio Drama “Luoghi non comuni” directed by Gabriele Vacis, transmitted on Radio 2.

Vertical theatre

2012 –Vertical installations on buildings.
2011/10 – “Gargoyles” directed by Jefte Fanetti and Manuel Bruttomesso.
2010 – “Du Homo Fabula” directed by Jefte Fanetti and Manuel Bruttomesso.
2007 – “Verticality” directed by Jefte Fanetti and Manuel Bruttomesso.


Climbing, acrobatics, juggling with: balls, clubs, circles, devil sticks, diabolo, balancing on chin, crystal balls (contact juggling); plays recorder with nose, balancing acts on: unicycle, giraffe unicycle, tightrope or cable, speciality rolla bolla (balance board); falling clown, mime, fire fakir.


Italian – English

Professional study

2004 – Graduated from “l’Atelier di Teatro Fisico” run by Phillip Radice in Turin.
2004 – Mime workshop at the International school of dramatic corporeal mime, run by Marcel Marceau in Paris.

2003 – A master Class with Jango Edwards, Johnny Melville, Laura Hertz and Peter Shub in Cannes.
2003 – Clown: first and second levels with Jango Edward and Peter Ercolano.
2003 – Workshop on theatrical acrobatics, staged combat and theatrical fencing with Federico Benvenuti.
2003 – Clown course with Fabrizio Barbiero.

2003 – Theatrical improvisation course with Giorgio Mignemi.
1998 –Course on the Stanivslaskij method with Rebecca Zacco.